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Published by 911 Restoration Oklahoma City on October 13, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

On July 12, 2005, my home was struck by lightning while I was gone, sparking a fire in the attic. Thanks to alert neighbors and the quick response of the local fire department, damage from the flames was limited to the attic; unfortunately, water damage extended throughout my two stories home. Here’s what I learned; I hope it will help you recover from a similar loss.

Even a small fire can result in big water damage from the firefighters. After the flames are extinguished and the smoke ventilated from the home, your first call needs to be to your home insurer.

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Your SECOND call needs to be to an experienced local water damage restoration in Oklahoma City service provider. While you’re certain to be in a state of shock following a fire, I can’t stress how important it is to immediately summon your water damage restoration service provider. The simplest reason you need to call right away is to limit the spread of water damage. Even after the hoses are turned off, water damage continues to spread. Water doesn’t just drain down; wall insulation will absorb moisture and wick it up further into seemingly undamaged wall while elsewhere water will spread horizontally between the flooring (carpet, laminate, tile, etc.) and the subfloor or between the floor and the underlying ceiling. A professional water damage expert in Oklahoma City will take the necessary steps to limit the spread of the water damage.

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Your insurer will look favorably upon retaining a water damage restoration company immediately after the loss event; insurers know that such professionals prevent far more losses than their services cost. A home fire is traumatic; make the right call and summon your professional flood damage restoration in Oklahoma City provider right away following a loss.

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